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Of Barbets and old breeders.... envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 17/11/2010 @ 20:48
Taken from the book:
DES RACES DE CHIENS, Société Centrale ( not called "canine" yet!)

In 1884. RIVAL. griffon d'arrêt français, 20 mois. MARRON ET GRIS, mélangé(...) 1er prix et médaille d'or Paris 1881.à M Emmanuel Boulet.Elbeuf.

RALPHE, barbet griffon mâle, blanc et taches oranges...oh my.
If either of these 2 colors comes out in a litter? oh, my.

THe 1894 standard:
Gray-black...there is not a comma between gray and black, as there was by mistake afterwards.. there were no gray Barbets and after a short exchange yesterday with another Barbet historian, I still comme to the conclusion that there were no solid black Barbet*, meaning Griffons, back in those days.
* Not referencing Poodles.

This Barbet looks a lot like the one the standard was written for in 1891( and validated in 94). Visualize her with gray mixed in with the brown.... or even some black and we're back to the Bouvier de Flandres( or some other shepherd breeds), and R'Lucky the Barbet registered in 1968, Hera, >Helios and then some. All in the Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco.
Then, you can begin to understand how it is all coming together.
The Barbet came in colors, not pure this or pure that. The poodle was selected to be pure this or pure that and that is the battle the poodle club is having with not wanting any Parti-poodles using their name...

Of course, there are probably some exceptions and soem black Barbets probably did exist, but were they Griffons? Not sure.
The Black color, could have come in the 1970's/80's from the Chien de Crau. Not that far away!

Well, I must say that made my day. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 15/11/2010 @ 08:20

When someone tells me about the Labradoodle or whatever xxxxoodle mix/mutt, I say:
" Show me the Mother, the Father, the siblings". Homogeneity?
What do you know about ancestry, character or any problems?
Have you seen photos of the ancestors and which traits they sent down?
What is the objective of having the dog? You looking to help save the breed or???

For Oodles: Of course ONE dog may look like a Barbet or whatever, but the others????( funny I had this conversation yesterday!)

Mating just about anything to just about anything else is suicidal.
Unfortunately, it happens.

For Christmas envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 13/11/2010 @ 20:32

These people are also present at most dog shows, in France.

Brothers at 10 months old envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 13/11/2010 @ 20:14

Lovely photo of ( merci Caroline)Etuchante( Exquis) at the Guide school for the Blind in Lyon and Eho Santiano aka Charly in the Netherlands. He just got his baby hair cut. Cut, not shave....

A Machiavellian plan envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 12/11/2010 @ 12:51
It has taken a couple of weeks,me not having a warped mind, to try and figure out what warranted the xxxx pages document( all rehash) sent around by the Barbet re-incarnator who had gone silent since the elections...Mighty strange.There was nothing new in it but something prompted it.
I guessed me saying the Barbet was a "silky coated" dog may have.
This would be directly opposed to his theory of a Barbet having tight curls ( dry and impossible to groom, I would add out of experience for having Vera or even Booly Wooly, less difficult but not fun)

I had to take the time to think and find elements to prove what he is saying is totally false.

In the book, Le Chenil Illustré, in says," there are 2 types of Griffons, ( REMEMBER: the Barbet being a Griffon and water dog)
One with long and silky coat, and the other with a short harsh coat( meaning the Korthals).
written by the Baron Bellier de Villiers.
remember the standard was going to be written in 1891.

1985 non-confirmation points:
It says any coat color not accepted in the standard...2006, below, is not accepted.

COLOUR: Solid black, grey, brown, fawn, pale fawn, white or more or less pied( pied meaning white and balck or vice versa, ouf because that is also a PWD color). All shades of red-fawn and pale fawn are permitted. [color=#FF0000]The shade should, preferably, be the same as the colour of the body.

There are many of us who have brown dogs with 5 different shades of brown on them. Why, since there are so of them, are they not penalized???Could it be because it is a PWD color and shhhhhhhhh...
as long as it doesn't come from 1970 or before, anything is admitted?

What is this color business doing? How many are really concerned? OR are we anticipating more Heras or R'Luckys coming out to prove that recessive genes come from somewhere? AND must be abolished along with any "old blood" that could come out?

As most/all know, one of the first self proclaimed missions of our resposible was wanting to enforce the non- confirmation points of the Barbet. Nothing about short ears, short tails or tail over the back, or no angulations.Of course not. Nothing about all the different shapes and ( sizes)morphology we see ( genetic diversity?)...meaning no homogeneity in the breed or very little?
No. Only colors, and the eternal poodle tight frizzy curls.

Blinders off, guys and have a look at where some colors could come from:

The Bouvier as an example....since there is Bouvier in the Barbet.( and vice versa)Hard to tell!

Bottom line...It's the breed who is losing.

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