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A pup of Colleen's in Scandinavia
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Eho Santiano in the Netherlands
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From Cressat, France
Le Barbet au CGA 2011
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My Barbets at work: a sampling
Mère et fils: duck duo!
Poppenspaler's Vincacao
Thelma de la perte aux loups
UK: Hunting training by Fiona Lucas
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Keeping up with the D's envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 08/04/2010 @ 10:36

Daphne and Disque dur, son and daughter of my Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco and Nelum Himalis Braise...which brings me to the dilemma of which line will Daphne be?
For sure, Disque d'or is bloodline 2: Barbet de Camargue, like Caya, Corisande, Bijou Babe. You can put them side by side and you'd have a hard time differenciating them! I have the problem here with Thelma and Bijou...

Is bloodline 1( Le Houelleur) only for black and white or do we add the dogs of a certain size and morphology? Daphne looks like Coccolina, Estar des Marécages du Prince, Poppenspaler's Valdepenas, and Arkanne de Robiguet( who is curlier, but morphologically she fits in)...
Line 2 dogs are of a certain size and the shape of their head is different.The skull is can feel it.

So many considerations...but, there is a logic. I will eventually find it, but certainly not in the near future. Thank you for the photos, Ula. This is how we will find the logic that takes the 3 lines back to the turn of the century before last century when the Barbet was ...a Griffon. And the 3 lines shall meet!

Transparency? It would be about time, wouldn't it? envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 05/04/2010 @ 18:38
I am appalled at the quantity of people who have barbets in certain countries, who are thinking of breeding them and who have no clue as to how wrong most of the pedigrees are. It's when you want to breed and the club in the country says, "oh, sorry, the inbreeding is too high, so no go.You need to mate with this line.."(which is generally mostly pure poodle)...

Then one wonders why there are not more breeders? Especially in France, land of origin of the Barbet?
It is very difficuly to survive with what goes on. Many have tried, but rapidly get discouraged by all the bssss.

This site below is very important for many reasons. Here the "french club" points the fingers to several breeds being in the Barbet, but just enuendos, not facts.This is not what one would expect on a general public website.
Doesn't mention that some of these dogs dohave Barbet blood.
Doesn't mention where these dogs are. Only says they are "there". Well, lets' take it the full monty, guys.Spill the beans, get it out in the open which is what many have been asking for!

Let me give you an example:

This is Compay's official pedigree, below.*

Now below again, is Compay's real pedigree as found on a website by hazard just after he was born, assembled by our now elected responsible for the breed...without ever saying anything to me about it.This was done to "tell the truth", but what was the objective? damage MY breeding? vengeance...?

Now, Imagine that I didn't know this...
Imagine people who have dogs from me seeing this without knowing( let's say, I hadn't told them which I did because I believe we can only work properly with all the cards in our hands and not half a deck as some try to do).
I would be considered as a liar and selling false pedigree'd dogs/ so "mutts". Isn't that punishable in a court of law?
Luckily, I have always told my people what was in the pedigrees in complete honesty and what MY objective with a few other breeders, was.

Can you imagine?
Well, it is an eye opener, and that's why I'm screaming regularly.Barking up trees, I guess. But eventually, some will hear me.

I'll give you another example...
Colleen, Compay's sister. Appropriate; same pedigree.
She has been blacklisted by the Swedish Barbet club for her upcoming litter which comes in at 10.3% or so with Luddelump's Elvis who has barbet blood, also just as she does, but that is not good enough. Sooooooooo, the Swedish kennel club says, no can do because the "official" pedigree SCC regsitered says 10.3.
Barbet club is probably quite happy to not list her.
Working for the breed, they are.

Now, we all know that the pedigree is wrong, but that is not their problem, just like what goes on is not the SCC's problem because the Club( French club ) is responsible for what is going on..
.AND there is an underground database circulating to "some".
Just like most of the information...with absolutely no transparency at all.
How wrong is Colleen's pedigree? The real inbreeding is 3.12%...!

That is how you destroy a breed and its future when you actively work on it.

How can we work with people when how many are lying? Let me reformulate: how many are telling the truth? Hard to say because they get exterminated very rapidly.
How can there be a selection process to continue a rare breed that someoen the other day said to me after seeing 2 in the showring:
"Are they the same breed"?

So now the real info:

Below is Escribania de Ubrique, found in the barbet database.Why in the Barbet database, you ask? Only if you know she's there can you find her....more insider trading.Of course it's not hidden, but you'd have to really know what to look for or get it first hand.

Escribania de Ubrique

Poppenspaler's Vincacao and his daughter Brandy/ Rainette, result of his mating with a SWD( Escribania).And you know who she belonged to.So you mate her litter( which will be 1/2 some Barbet blood and 1/2 phenotype SWD and what have you..) to poodles with no Barbet blood and call them Barbets. right.Sue me beacuse I'm trying to move forward and get out of this mess?

And there's more where that came from. And I am not going to mince words, while others are playing little power games.Transparency?
Do some even know what the word means?
That's why I have a difficult time being purely factual about some things.I live this discrimination every day.

Now, lets' see how the new responsible for the Barbet at the French club sorts this mess out or?

* and a bimbette announces that his color is within standard. my gawd. what next.

Food for thought? envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 03/04/2010 @ 21:31

From left to right Dixie Chick 52 cms, and 1 hour later at 51.5 cms she got an insufficient( because below standard) at the Specialty show in Montluson Compay II, son of Coccolina who measures in at 50.5 on a good day( Coccolina not Compay)...Had she not been confirmed, there would be no Compay and no racer. I told the judge that day, as food for her thought, in passing.
Not in the ring, but after all was said and done.

Then, Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco whom I just saw on an oodle website where the Montluson results were posted( for no particular reason, except typical condescending nastiness), only to show how he got an insufficient...well, if that makes you feel good mama, go for it.

Had Ulysse not been here, ther would be no Finnish litter and no Deetha déjà vu and no proof of the "old bloodlines" which is what the oodlers are working to prouve...and exterminate.
Ulysse* will be Che's next mate for her next litter in 2011, regardless of what anyone has to say about him or his coat or his age. He's my dog now, isn't he and worth the hassel we went through to get him back to being French again!And he corresponds to the standard before it was "modified" to let in all the poodle blood.

So fine, he got what he got, but he is a true:
French national canine treasure....
with not a single drop of poodle blood in him, but did I need to say that?
* I'm not crazy about his coat, but his coat is the least of my worries. The fact that he has Barbet blood is much more important and Che has a great coat, so that ought to compensate.That's how I see it.We( meaning those of us working together to save what little Barbet blood is left in the Barbet) invest in the future of the breed and its survival, not immediate return as many seem to only be interested in.

Merci Anne Sophie*: we need people like you. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 03/04/2010 @ 21:01
Anne Sophie Lerouge, I would like to be very specific about which one. Just in case ther may be a confusion.

Barbonus: the fawn Barbet envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 03/04/2010 @ 13:10
As there are new births and the pups grow up, it does become interesting to look at how the lines are connected. I think you all know that I like making families to make things more logical to understand.
Yes, I realize that my passion is speaking sometimes and I need to eliminate some of the text.
However, it is factual...even if too detailed sometimes. When you are living on a daily basis, what goes on in the wings, it's very difficult to not share.
There seems to be more people working on what is not a Barbet, than what is.How productive is that? I ask you.

Let me give you an example:
I recently asked on a forum, for people to say what a Barbet was as far as they were concerned ?
Well, very few people wrote. How can one claim to be working on the survival of a breed that they don't even know what it is.......?

Also, could someone possibly tell me what the definition is, sizewise in 1750 of a Grand Barbet seeing that the "other" one was the size of a toy poodle (with our 21st century definition), which obviously was not the same 300 years ago.

Barbet puppy hiking! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 03/04/2010 @ 10:30

Littel gray out for discovery while Frankly Scarlet watches on...

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