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Barbet heads, eyes and noses?
Barbets and other water dogs...
Barbets en Bresse, France
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Psychological warfare or breed rape? 0411
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Radio des hanches: ce qu'il faut faire avec la radio officielle 3/11
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Old Lines and new crosses

Barbet x Irish Water Spaniel
Barbet/ Irish Water Spaniel
Barbonus: line 4 fawn
Bloodline 1: Le Houelleur (de Floirac)
History, shepherds and Barbets
In French, on Pronatura: 3 bloodlines
Portuguese water dog and pedigree database
Spanish Water Dog line and pedigree database
Wycliffe and the Barbet modern: poodle database
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A pup of Colleen's in Scandinavia
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Eho Santiano in the Netherlands
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From Cressat, France
Le Barbet au CGA 2011
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Plum picker uppers!
Yatzie and my girls!


Working Barbets

Barbet de chasse: Malher
Bibiche di Barbochos de Reiau de Prouvenco
Booly Wooly
Crotté comme un Barbet: Lucrezia Borgia
Détails du BTE/BCE
Le travail à l'eau
My Barbets at work: a sampling
Mère et fils: duck duo!
Poppenspaler's Vincacao
Thelma de la perte aux loups
UK: Hunting training by Fiona Lucas
Un carnet de travail: pour obtenir le BCE



A Barbet Moderne cut: Molly Mae
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My production: 3 years of results envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 14/11/2009 @ 08:36

Django de la serve de la Chapelle d'Alexandre, 1 yr old

Little Che (Chesara) is shown here wet and short body coat. You can see her angulations, the length of her tail, her topline. Her belly is getting bigger because she is expecting puppies for the first week of December. It looks like she will be having quite a few. This is a trait of the Italian line she has in her.
I don't believe you have to shave a dog for any particular reason, because if you want to see the morphology , wet them!

Chesara de la serve de la Chapelle d'Alexandre, 2.5 years old. Not shown at her best advantage, so follow the link for more on her:

Booly Wooly de la serve de la Chapelle d'Alexnadre, 3.5 years old.

And yes, I would say that I am proud. They don't only look good, but what is inside of them is equal to the outside (Penotype and genotype).

Many know the black and white series. I am working on the browns.

Duck dog..Chien canard? envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 13/11/2009 @ 20:43

Barbet histories? Fraternity in action? read again, please. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 13/11/2009 @ 20:05
Of course, it is interesting to see Barbet histories sprouting up here and there. At least it shows people are interested in history.
That is new, as many have only said, " we're making to standard"...with complete disrespect of what the dog is on this earth for. So, great!

Of course, people are entitled to their opinion, after having done in depth research...which is not always the case on internet.

Doing a breed's history is "noble" in the sense you are doing it to help inform others to attact their attention to your breed taht you love and want to save from extinction, in this case.

However, when doing a rare breed's history just to try to ridicule someone or attack anyone's version is highly irregular and not very productive. Do it for the promotion of the breed not to eradicate breeders, guys. That doesn't take a highly intelligent historian. Just a little common sense.

The latest version written by a newcomer to the breed whose comments are as follow:
Je dois attirer votre attention sur le fait que Madame Fichter qui se trouve être l'auteur de ce texte possède une version toute personnelle de l'histoire du barbet !

This was sent to some websites, and probably some editors. They must certainly wonder when they get this type of information, what is going on?!

My history "all personal version" it may appear, stems from original documents and much research in books...and consulting people who know and have had an impact on the breed: the breeders of the past themselves( honorary members of the French Club).

Just like in school I have to repeat and repeat and repeat because not everyone is listening and the same time...

And this type of history is not to bring any new information to the history of the breed. It is only to attack people who are trying to help in the survival of the "old bloodlines". That has nothing to do with history and is again typical of what has been going on for over 20 years. lament that there are not enough breeders and attack them personally. That is borderline libel..not even sensationalism.

1/ Le barbet n'est pas issu d'un croisement avec un chien de berger.

I am honored to be authored with that theory, however I am it dates back to Buffon in 1783 or so...and many after him. Even a recent vet thesis which I have told you about. I just happen to agree to its logic. Especially when you look at the dogs.. As I was recently told...Loook at the dog, it's mouvement and what it was created to do. Historically.

3/ La seule caractéristique des barbets est le poil laineux et frisé, et non la barbe.

yeah, right. This covers all the dogs that are shaved...which are completely out of standard.Why do people want a Barbet?

Je vous encourage à vous rapprocher de la SCC ou du Club du Barbet ( ) car il serait génant de publier une "nouvelle" histoire qui n'est absolument pas officielle !

Of course, John. The SCC has very few documents are generally lays very low when it comes to the Barbet. The club lays even lower since the have not a clue of its history.
In fact, if it could drop dead they would be even happier.But this doesn't come as a surprise. The documents of the last 25 years are proof of history repeating itself.

Je vous joints une version "sérieuse" reconnue par le Club.

There is no version recognized by the club..or they would have to rethink what to do with Mr Georgii, Mrs Pêtre, along with her father...Dr Vincenti and M Le Houelleur in the 20's.
90 years of Barbet history! Difficult to hide and say it didn't exist.
Then it's up to the users to wonder and recognize/ admit what is going on.
I am not just barking up trees.

Alain Lanckmans is the author of all these farfetched theories above and it appears without a doubted shadow that some Swiss are also behind this.Of course. But not only Swiss. There is a Swiss breeder who has been working for and with the re-incanator of the Barbet since the 90's.
They have none or very few bearded dogs. So, it all makes sense. However, there are a few barbets in Switzerland trying to survive, but not 130.

Anything issued from canailles de Verbaux and several other breeders of that era of Barbet Re-incarnation, has no Barbet blood in it. But let's all wait for conclusions of what happened...and about a crossbreeding in the 80's between a Barbet and a poodle.All these overly smart historians are certainly going to tell us that, plus what happened to the dogs that were still around in the 50's. Right?
I have been dying to find out from them. Maybe that part of history will finally come out and be honest and truthful and help further the breed rather than ridicule, or try to ridicule breeders. There aren't enough breeders, right? So do something positive about it.

As a matter of fact, I would have no problem with a face to face debate with "them, re-incarnators" and me."Them" meaning Mrs Zuber (and her team), M Lankmans( spokesman for Mrs Loiseau) and even M Hermans( who was told by many that they were not making "his" type dogs, but "real" Barbets especially Mrs Lindlbad in Sweden) since, it seems they have joined the same objective destroy the "old bloodlines", right Maurice?
hey, fingers in the nose. Maurice, meaning Maurice Tripotin, responsible for the Barbet at the club and Guardian to Mr Georgii, who was parachuted into the club to defend Mr Georgii and the "old bloodlines", may be remembered for being responsible for one thing: to have opened the back door to let the re-incarnators of the Grand Barbet de Buffon back into the club, right Maurice?

More versions of Barbet history would at least give us an opportunity to find out what they are hiding and have been for 25 years on their breeding. That would be considered as a step forward in the history of a rare French breed threatened with extinction.

Your proof against mine. Anytime! I have no problem with the truth.
Many would certainly agree with me.
It would be just nice if everyone agreed to disagree and decide what they want to do and admit to it publically. Sounds so easy. Utopia.

Le Théatre des chiens savants: le Temple 1791 envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 13/11/2009 @ 06:11
..."Entre le guet, une troupe de caniches qui arrête un déserteur( un autre caniche). A peine arrêté, le caniche passe devant un conseil de guerre ( une assemblée de Barbets, what else)il est condamné à mort
(le narrateur indique qu'une passion coupable de l'accusé pour le Barbet a été la cause de la sentence).
Dans le dernier acte, le caniche est fusillé, il tombe en murmurant un nom que personne n'entend, on laisse supposer que ses dernières paroles furent(*)(**) pour demander de couper une mèche de cheveux de sa bien-aimée; ( pour l'adn?)

Barbets rehearsing their parts for the play!

"Historians" rehearsing their parts?Different approaches for a same role...
(*)le barbet était mort et disparu depuis presque un siècle et c'est moi qui l'ai refabriqué dans les années 80
bien amicalement
jean-claude hermans

Et même si au cours de la Première Guerre Mondiale, notre barbet est utilisé dans les tranchées grâce à sa polyvalence : Il y détruisaient les nuisibles et il était chargé du transport de documents divers. Il n’en reste pas moins vrai qu’il failli réellement disparaître dans les année ’50. Il faut attendre 1980, pour que quelques amoureux de ce chien ne fondent le Club du Barbet et autres chiens d’eau. Des « retrempes » avec le caniche permettent de redémarrer une production qui amène en 1986, puis en 1999 à la publication officielle d’un nouveau standart de race.
Pour plus d'info:

Conclusion: all the world is a stage? Are we merely actors? How good is the actor? That is the question. In the Barbet we trust.
Happy Friday the 13th.

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