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Vendredi 30 Octobre 2020


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A,B,C: Vieux Barbet Français

H: history
K: for George Orwell and the Old Barbet!
M: measure
S: standard
A: Authentic Barbet or Vieux Barbet Français
B: Barbet Moderne, son histoire depuis 1980
B: Breeding, studs and the likes!
B: blogs to keep up with
B:Bibliography and links
Barbet heads, eyes and noses?
Barbets and other water dogs...
Barbets en Bresse, France
Breeding rules: FCI
C: conversion table
C:Crossbreeding R Triquet
Color genetics
Diversité génétique d'une race rare
E: Education
F: FAULTS according to the standard
F:Facts and fallacies about the Barbet
G: Georgy spiritual father of the Barbet
G: Griffon Barbet
H: Health matters
H: Hipscore Dysplasia
H: history Barbet Moderne
Health reference websites: hips etc
I: Inbreeding
K: Kennel blindness
L: Lexicologie Barbet
L: letter from the President of the SCC as proof-preuve
L:LOF Barbets since the beginning
M: breeders' meeting 2009
P: Poodle History Project
P: Poodle history
P: Purest
P: poodle health registry
P:Pedigree databases updated 5/11
P:Photos to depict the standard
Psychological warfare or breed rape? 0411
R: Rare or nearly extinct breeds
Radio des hanches: ce qu'il faut faire avec la radio officielle 3/11
Rassemblement: Meeting Barbets 2012 French& English
S: Shopping!
S: Study of our pedigrees- Spanish Water Dog
S: study of our pedigrees - Poodles
S: study of our pedigrees- Portuguese water dogs
S:Selection grid/Grille de Sélection
old club site


Old Lines and new crosses

Barbet x Irish Water Spaniel
Barbet/ Irish Water Spaniel
Barbonus: line 4 fawn
Bloodline 1: Le Houelleur (de Floirac)
History, shepherds and Barbets
In French, on Pronatura: 3 bloodlines
Portuguese water dog and pedigree database
Spanish Water Dog line and pedigree database
Wycliffe and the Barbet modern: poodle database
bb x swd


Videos Galore

A pup of Colleen's in Scandinavia
B: Barbets live and in colors!
Caya and the ocean
Disco and Rocket
Eho Santiano in the Netherlands
Flashdance and her mirabelle de Savoie...
From Cressat, France
Le Barbet au CGA 2011
My 3 males together
Plum picker uppers!
Yatzie and my girls!


Working Barbets

Barbet de chasse: Malher
Bibiche di Barbochos de Reiau de Prouvenco
Booly Wooly
Crotté comme un Barbet: Lucrezia Borgia
Détails du BTE/BCE
Le travail à l'eau
My Barbets at work: a sampling
Mère et fils: duck duo!
Poppenspaler's Vincacao
Thelma de la perte aux loups
UK: Hunting training by Fiona Lucas
Un carnet de travail: pour obtenir le BCE



A Barbet Moderne cut: Molly Mae
Before and after: Thelma and Coccolina 2012
Grooming Tools
The Barboch cut with photos: a working cut


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Illona in Finland envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 22/08/2009 @ 07:25

A few months after her accident, Illona( Coccolina x Booly Wooly) seems to have recovered...go have a look at the photos. It doesn't matter if you don't understand. It's universal, like the Barbet français.

A detail among others, but one had to think of it. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 21/08/2009 @ 20:13
When the standard was written for the Griffon Barbet d'arrêt Françaisit was quite logical for the eyes to be covered with Griffon hair, not poodle!, but since the re-incarnation of some of the Barbet into a poodle with "frisé/frizzy" hair, it does make for a meaning that may need re-interpretation...of the standard,( were that the only point to be renegociated?!)
The eyes must be covered, yes.But they can see through the hair below but, not through thick, bushy "frisé/frizzy" hair, like the example.


We're talking about a working dog who flushes, finds in thick schrub and retrieves, not a bimbo who chases after a duck on water and brings it at the old drawings/ photos of Barbets Français..logical.

Poppenspalers' Hexe

Poppenspalers' Sangria, without Ezia

Sorry Ezia...didn't mean to cut you out of the photo as I know you really enjoyed seeing Sangria as much as I did.

With Ezia!

Thelma la Douce, who was not given her BCE as she took too long to find her duck in thick opposed to retrieveing it on water with no shrub..;she couldn't understand the point of it...

And the one who thought of this hair business was a Brit. Comme quoi...many heads are better than one?
One person modified the standard,without ever consulting anyone but keep in mind it is legally up to us to decide if it needs to be modified again, not the club, guys. Wake up.
A member of the club is a member who has the same rights regardless of where you live. Who cares if the bulletin is in French. If anything of importance is written, I'll tell you about it and you know you can trust me or you wouldn't visit this site...

The Barbet is a rustic dog, mentionned by The Présidente about 6 times at the Sunday morning CTE...but it doesn't say in the standard anywhere, anymore because it was removed to may way for the poodle..which leaves romm to interpretation that you can make him sophisticated...and overgroom him..;which is wrong.

The Barbet is and has always been a Griffon, a Griffon Barbet d'arrêt Français, since the standard in 1891..

What separates a dog with ancestry from one that has none. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 20/08/2009 @ 11:34
This came from one of the websites where everyone works together (yes, it happens and it's not just around election time or for one's ego)to further and better a rare breed in our case. Thought I'd share it with you, for what it's worth.AND I don't generally steal stuff off websites, but this is important and food for thought from a Grand Woman.


"I believe that all need to be very cautious in breeding the XXX. At no point have we been on a witch hunt or tried to dispute the Day Blindness in the Poodles that we bred. Our intention is to assist in the study to find the marker for it. I am thankful that the two Day Blind pups did not have Hydrocephalus or other illness along with the Day Blindness. There eventual Blindness is bad enough. Some of the reports regarding Sue's dogs did state rod and cone degeneration but ERG's were not done on the pups so Hemoralopia was not able to be confirmed.

Since we have been working with the University of Missouri at Columbia others have come forward and spoke of their Day Blind pups and they have been referred to the University so they can send in blood. If we do not unite to clear this it will not be just a matter of it being in "line bred Poodles" it will end up in many lines. Regardless of anyones feelings it is in Poodles and can easily be removed with diversity and hopefully soon a marker for it. The other issues that have arisen out of Spot have been many, I have had a son and a Grandson of his both die before 1 year old of AIHA and they are both up on the PHR. Certainly not to say that this is only in the Partis because that is really silly since our Poodles came from solids and all of the Partis genes out there are now intermingled. It makes it everyone problem that owns a Parti, and your breeding advice is very good. Diversity should be at the top of everyones minds since as time goes on the line bred dogs will reveal more issues. The sister to the boy that produced the Day Blindness is now Addisonian and one of her Grandchildren is Addisonian so there are other issues there. It is not a crime to have a health issue in your Poodles, every one has them, the crime is hiding it, preventing others from making informed breeding decisions. To me it is criminal because of the pain and agony that the Poodles will go through when a person does not reveal the possibilities of what the Poodles can produce. As breeders it is our job to educate the new comers, preserve the breed that we love, and how can anyone do that if they are not upfront and prepared to put results on PHR.

Recently a person I know advertised a litter of solid Poodles and got seven people that replied that their Poodles had died all under 2 years old of Addison's or IAHA. We are not talking Partis that died, we are talking solids and all in one city, health is not just a Parti issues, it pertains to Poodles.

Instead of wondering who said what to who, time would be much more vested and productive spent if all were to submit blood to the University of Missouri at Columbia or make an anonymous donation to the fund to find the marker. The biggest thing is to talk about other issues that are out there but the "Code of Silence" separates the breeders both personally and in their love of Poodles in both the solid and Parti breeders. Think about the enormous strides we would make if only everyone would open up. We would have healthy Poodles for our grandchildren to enjoy as we have."

Django! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 20/08/2009 @ 09:09

From Vaucluse to Brittany, through the Aubrac plateau: Django on vacation!

Django is the son of Coccolina and Booly Wooly.

Photos can not be reproduced without written permission of the webmaster

Hello from Beaudine in the Netherlands envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 12/08/2009 @ 07:20

Curiosity killed the cat and lack of will kill the Barbet envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 10/08/2009 @ 14:40
Prejudice,improper management by many, discrimination, jealousy, hate and lack of enough curiosity to search for the truth will put an end to this centuries-old French breed. What a shame...
They are such lovely dogs.

Long live the Gran oodle?

Photo courtesy: David Dalton Photography who really captured the essence of the breed. More photos coming of a great day!

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