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Barbet featured in ATOUT CHIENS, Nov-Dec 2011. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 05/11/2011 @ 20:35

Mirror, mirror off the wall: who is the wisest of them all? envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 05/11/2011 @ 11:27

…*This is how Blacky came ( ATI) into a lot of our Barbet Moderne, can be seen as soon as you go back further than the Generations shown on the paper pedigree.
So, when you write crossbreed with a poodle, I say: STOP because at some point there will be nothing left different between the Barbet and the poodle especially when France forbids tail docking, as many European countries already have.
Many Barbets, don’t have the spotted coat that was standard at one point in time, because the white spots are forbidden in the poodle coat, and that due to selection, this is transmitted to our poor Barbet!!!!!
Even with a sable Barbet ( color having come from Bruss, a standard poodle) Mrs L------k is not able to reproduce this color, seeing that the black-colored poodleS used, is so dominant.
Oh! Yes, of course, the poodle transmits a very curly coat, but is that what is most important, if all the dogs aren’t healthy???
Epilepsy, monorchids,cryptorchids, carriers of entropions, umbilical hernias, with teeth missing or not well set ( because of the antagonism of long narrow jaws of the poodle versus the wide short muzzle), hip dysplasia, sterile…all the things we see in other breeds but that with the Barbet, nobody could care less.
Please, get a Barbet where you want, but get off the backs of those who would like to not contribute to of the “demise of a breed”…

So there you have it.
Written by u-no-who, who has changed her mind so many times about what the breed is supposed to be, it makes my poor head spin.
Now keep in mind that at the French Championship and World Dog shows, judges were told to basically only pay attention to poodle type curly coats. That was by far the most important point to judge on.( I was told)
I have asked the club what visual support/ aids they give the new generation of French judges ( even some of the “older” ones). They are not answering me. Meaning each judge makes up in his corner and his head what he thinks a Barbet should look like (move and feel like, too).
Needless to say, they are not going to ask for anyone’s contribution as far as any standard modifications are concerned. Them being the first to not know what a Barbet is.
Them being the first to destroy, for lack of competences and not knowledge of the history of the Barbet as a breed, a very old French Treasure.

Marquis, a Barbet stud with a docked tail, in 1934 in the Eleveur review. Docked tail because sometimes Barbets appear to have been entered in Griffon Korthals classes at shows( cited in an article).( a Griffon Korthals with a long coat does remind one of a Barbet and sometimes the color does, too )

Draw your own conclusions, all you knowledgeable lovely people who are not interested in the history of the Barbet, other than the etching of Buffon in 1750 and a 300+ year gap between the re-incarnation of a dog that never had a standard and ask yourselves if you feel at all or not at all concerned …

* what prompted this? my summer computer crash and sorting documents...amazing what treasures it leads to, eh? And yes, I have page 1. ouf.
dates back to 2003.
Repeat again, there are not 2 Barbets as I saw on a certain swiss site?
And of course there are breeders who have no problems at all...right.They mix what and what to get what?

What morphology does to a dog envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 05/11/2011 @ 08:31
It's interesting to watch the natural movement/gait of your dogs when you can because there are differences. You notice them, but don't necessarily focus on them.When you only have one, you can imagine that they all move the same way, but they don't.

When dogs are shaved down to the bone from tip to tip, to look like 7th group hunters, they do all look alike, that having been established already as long as they are static. We can also conclude that coat type makes the difference...but others have concluded on that before and that's why we have different groups, in France(and elsewhere) SCC groups: 1 to 10!
Once they start moving, then you really can compare.

Look at this dog, Grace da Capo. I love the way she crouches down...There are some Barbetlines who cannot do that. There are some Barbet who move slowly and appear to be heavy and some who move lightly and you think their 4 feet are off the ground at some point....Watch them.
Dog construction is there for a reason.

The sand (fawn) family of Barbets envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 05/11/2011 @ 08:04

After the birth last week of 2 more sand(fawn) Barbets in a litter of 5 at Quaciendas in the Netherlands, I would like to re-draw your attention to the line/family they are now a part of:

I also would like to mention in passing for those interested (everyone?)I am told, to never mix sand and sand, because there will be a problem with pigmentation.

Go have a look at the cuties:

An exception to my rule: a IWS called Eberhardt envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 04/11/2011 @ 09:35

The Irish Water Spaniel is not called the Irish Water Dog as some have claimed it for a long time. A spaniel having no hair on the "face".
It does not have a water dog type character and as a matter of fact even water dogs don't have the same character (a poodle IS a water dog). Their characters are ALL different, regardless of what is written sometimes by neophytes.I have noticed it...when you have a litter and you wonder why one is not like the others...

Back to Eberhardt: a wonderful male, beautiful specimen of the breed, morphologically. I am not at all an Irish Water Spaniel person, but I fell in like with this one.The "dt" at the end of his name is for a reason, his propensity to be strong, but very loving, hum...don't know how to describe him. He needs to be re-homed fast. He is NOT A PET but a real working dog, has started his career, and is still young. He needs a very very strong master and no other dogs around.He has an excellent pedigree.
Should you know anyone who could possibly be interested, you could let me know? I am willing to help to save him. His time is ticking.He is in the center of France.

I thought you would enjoy the below link about working dogs!

Because you're worth it! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 01/11/2011 @ 20:40

From left to right: Babaloo, Flintstone and Cousteau von der leibrücke...sons and daughter of Compay then Charly de la serve de la chapelle d'Alexandre, en Bresse.( 3 different litters, of course)

Thank you Walda and Henk for your friendship and trust...and my trusted friends at Barbet Authentique/ Vieux Barbet Français...because you are all worth it.

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