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A pup of Colleen's in Scandinavia
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Eho Santiano in the Netherlands
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From Cressat, France
Le Barbet au CGA 2011
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Barbet de chasse: Malher
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Booly Wooly
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Le travail à l'eau
My Barbets at work: a sampling
Mère et fils: duck duo!
Poppenspaler's Vincacao
Thelma de la perte aux loups
UK: Hunting training by Fiona Lucas
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Proud I am/ My Billy the Kid is father!!!!!!!!!! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 20/10/2011 @ 20:15
My Billy the Kid is the father to six Barbet pups born today in Sweden.
3 males and 3 females.All black.
Brother Booly Wooly who has shown his worth,and I are very very happy and proud.
Needless to say, mom Thelma La Douce will get an extra biscuit, and an extremely big hug as soon as I get off the internet.
At age 5, he has finally been able to show his worth. The rest..; well, we'll cross that bridge, eh? and consider the everlasting speech about genetic diversity.

Any"thing" that comes out of Nelum Himalis is good, so...!

FCI breeding rules envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 18/10/2011 @ 17:06
I have finally managed to post the FCI document, that I happened to read a few days after Molly's death. As I had said, I trusted all these famous knowledgeable breeders who knew it all. After the fact, well...
If there is a rule, there is a reason. What reason? As it clearly says: "is not to be used on animals which have not reproduced naturally before. Exceptions (either the male or the female has not yet reproduced naturally) can be made by the national kennel clubs in certain cases"". Hopefully, the Canadian Kennel Club has been made aware of this decision.

Of course there are to every situation.
However, the bitch should be able to reproduce naturally a first time.
Then, the sky is the limit!
In such a small French breed run by a not very present French club, many have lots to say about how wonderful what they do, is.We now have 2 examples.

There are more and more breeds having to do AI ( Artificial insemination) because the studs can't perform any more.
In the Barbet there are enough Barbets who cannot mate, to start another list of problems.
Add that to sterile females and you can hardly say you are working for the breed when you have to resort to these methods in a rare breed such as the Barbet.
That would be more the beginning of the end.
And dear Flo, no one ever said vets, even in France worked with dirty instruments and killed dogs. And no one is above the law.

Aurinko, a fawn Barbet in Switzerland... envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 15/10/2011 @ 22:30
Aurinko is a lovely fawn female Barbet who has just settled in Switzerland with Ela Samba and her family. Have a look at the article below that I have just refurbished, since 2009. How time flies!
Also, it's amazing how much Engma and Aurinko look alike!

Enjoy it as much as I have putting all this historical information together!

Get angry! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 15/10/2011 @ 10:04
More and more, I am hearing completely ridiculous statements, made by very incompetent people looking for an easy make money off this poor breed's back.

"I want to find a male, near my house who is healthy. Of course he can be young." That's called "robbing the cradle". How do you know he is healthy when he is one year old?

I can use and re-use the same male several times in a row, in the same year along with other breeders because this male is "à la mode".
Have you thought that there would be a bottleneck at some point with all the same males on the same pedigrees on both sides?!
Look at the databases and see how many have been used and re-used up at a young age. Then they are fixed and placed.Next!
How do you know how they evolve??Who cares. I wanna make money.
Keep in mind that 50% of all breeds ARE epilepsy carriers...Breeds that are of course, more widespread than a rare breed...!!!! Read the words separately, if you don't understand.

I want a perfect male, near my house because I don't want to drive anywhere. A rare breed means what it says "rare".
If you can't get in your car and drive or fly somewhere then get a poodle, or a Labrador! They're everywhere.

Last for now but not least: Your magnificent supertitled champion could be sterile. Oops, the breeder hasn't warned you that she has those problems in her line? Who cares, it's your dog now, so go listen to what other incompetent people have to tell you.

So your dog dies because she was artificially inseminated for a first mating and finally she may have been sterile. Who cares.
If the FCI has rules, they are to be followed and an individual club cannot override them...
Or an incompetent irresponsible person telling you "it's ok"

R'Mollymae de l'Etang de Fontmerle, died age 4, in 2005 . Drop in progesterone, operated to save her life by taking out the 4 pups in her, and she died during the night.It appears she was sterile. Her line having stopped breeding a while ago. She was a Barbet Moderne with not a drop of Barbet blood, like many even today. I fought tooth and nail for her because she did not deserve her fate.Horrible coat, very hyperactive( now I know where that came from). Live and learn the hard way. Who cares? Not you.

Of course, we all hope for the best. Unfortunately, no one is learning from anyone's mistakes because there is no communication at all except on Fbook. A high level: socutehownicesonice.

The french Barbet club and they are not the only ones( most are not competent), but they are the main one since the breed is French, is not at all interested in the survival of the breed. They are interested in who does whatwhen and who says whatwhen to stay "powerful", that being a state of mind.So, everyone does exactly what they want to show how great they are and exterminate people in passing, when possible.

I am pretty sure they were not even consulted about the Finnish crossbreeding that produced Barbodemers. Where is the letter that shows they got approval from France...hum.Neatly tucked away.

Of course you don't care. There are some of us who do, thank God.
Yes, I will continue....because things like that make me angry and the Barbet doesn't deserve what people are doing to him.

More hot news from the land of the Cans envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 14/10/2011 @ 21:19
Barbet Bango du Pré de Rédy, one of the only survivors of the ultra strict rating of a particular group of Neo Barbet de Buffon extremistsonly concerned with tight curls; has had straws sent to Canada for an artificial insemination ( strictly against FCI rules, but who cares, with "permissions" you can of course conquer the world") of a bitch under contract, who has never mated before.Of course for genetic diversity....right.

Of course all required approvals were approved a bit like the mating done recently, in Finland of a dog , whose sister is epileptic or carrier but who 2 Pont Audemer males, no less and who eventually had 4 pups, one of which was just put down for epilepsy.And they want to call them Barbets.And for genetic diversity and to give the French breed a lesson in breeding out epilepsy....right.

The French Barbet club, ever so concerned about what goes on with our endangered French breed that they are supposed to manage breed has had of course nothing to say, nor were they even aware it was happening, as it happened behind their back by the barbet irresposible. Isn't there an expression for than kind of activity?

So everyone is now patting everyone on each others back...You know, the normal kind of, "how great you all are to have helped me". Helped me do what..make poodles??
Walking on their heads.

Ok, guys.. hot news for you...from the land of the Finns! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 13/10/2011 @ happy hour!
Ursus di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco aka Ransu, and Nelum Himalis Braise aka Rölli got it on this morning...and got along well.( so I am told!)Rölli seems to like Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco, since her last mate was my Ulysse!

Ursus, A-hips, 0/0 elbows, eyes ok,
Rölli A-hips, 0/0 elbows, eyes ok.

I am not crazy about showing intimate photos of what happened, which, if you remember, is the reason why, I removed the last video of Booly Wooly and dame Djazzy.
That was, in passing, to show how "hot to trot" Booly Wooly, aka Guyguy is!Please don't tell him that if all goes well, I have found him a Dulcinea....and in a couple years' time, well...a dream come true for me, because I will have a daughter of my Booly Wooly!

A grand, grand day for the Barbet! Champagne!

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