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Barbet heads, eyes and noses?
Barbets and other water dogs...
Barbets en Bresse, France
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Barbet x Irish Water Spaniel
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A pup of Colleen's in Scandinavia
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Caya and the ocean
Disco and Rocket
Eho Santiano in the Netherlands
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From Cressat, France
Le Barbet au CGA 2011
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Yatzie and my girls!


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Barbet de chasse: Malher
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Crotté comme un Barbet: Lucrezia Borgia
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Le travail à l'eau
My Barbets at work: a sampling
Mère et fils: duck duo!
Poppenspaler's Vincacao
Thelma de la perte aux loups
UK: Hunting training by Fiona Lucas
Un carnet de travail: pour obtenir le BCE



A Barbet Moderne cut: Molly Mae
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The B is back: what's about the standard? envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 03/04/2011 @ 19:52
OK first things first. Under an avalanche of emails about rumours flying around concerning the club and the standard "nouvelle" "modification"...

I was recently told by someone well placed to know, it was in the hands of our "tutors" and that "they" were making decisions about what would happen to the breed, this time.

Yes the standard size of the Barbet is going down. Visualize line 2 of the Barbet de Camargue and you have the mean/average size.

Yes, "they" are stressing the fact that some colors are not Barbet colors.The "truité" stuff came from JCH and he was probably talking about Setter colors. Yes, I know that they ought to worry about more important things that colors, but "they" don't care about what we have to say.

I do not know where the 10cms of unrolled coat came from. That would eliminate a lot of foreign dogs, off the bat.
I don't know if it is true.It probably came from the Bichon frisé standard.

I, myself and me, as a French breeder and Best Breeder of 2010 from VOS CHIENS magazine for the second year in a row, thank you, have not been told anything official.

So, if "clubs" are spreading rumors...

And I have not the foggiest notion of what "hyperactivité pileuse" is.
Some very intelligent person came up with that one.
Was there anything else?
I have just sent the club an email to ask for clarification....
Will keep you informed. As usu

A fool's ears buzzing! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 01/04/2011 @ 06:52
Today is a big day. The sun is almost shining...! The swallows are back says my mom...It's going to be a great day! On the other hand, when you're surrounded by Barbets, life can only be great!

Addio Hexe envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 30/03/2011 @ 21:20

Hexe, a lovely female typical of the line 2: of the Barbet de Camargue,similar to Hercule, Sangria, Thelma, passed on this week.She was born at Georgii's. Died of spleen cancer which is "normal" in older dogs.( NOT a Barbet condition)

80 visitors yesterday, hum. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 30/03/2011 @ 07:36
I am not sure it is a record as there have been more and generally people contact people who pass the word around. I think that many don't know that before them, there were others and with "others" there were Barbets and "others".

The French club was, at one point only for Barbet which really made no difference with today as nothing happened to help the breed.
What did happen is the arrival of a smaller, more compact dog, yes, curly, but with a bigger head than a poodle and who was promoted as a truffle dog.The Lagotto. It really has nothing to do with a Barbet, but it is a water dog.
Key words: smaller, utilitarian, nice looking.

The Barbet not ever having been promoted as a Griffon with a long curly coat, which is what it is historically, was transformed into a poodle, but taller. Taller means more expensive to feed, and more space to take up.More of a woman dog.That looks like a poodle!
As opposede to a Lagotto, for example.

The Barbet being promoted as a poodle, and France being the country of the poodle, well.....buying a poodle is easier.
So, bad promotion ( or no promotion) of the breed and competion, rarity turned away most.It certainly was not the price! Many depreciated its value and we know what is expensive is better....

The Griffon Barbet, which apparently some have no clue about, is a medium sized dog as specified on the standard in 86, with a rustic coat, easily groomed and that can'y be transformed into a Bichon.Even if you try, it won't hold.

Not everyone being on the same wavelength some not even on a wavelength...and voilà. Sad.

Breeders in France: there are 9 envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 30/03/2011 @ 07:21
You will find them, on the breed's reference website: Le Barbet.

La sélection, c'est comme le poulet, ça coûte cher! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 29/03/2011 @ 08:59
Récemment lors du Concours Général Agricole de Paris, j'ai eu les félicitations de notre Présidente de club.( pour mes résultats et mon travail de sélection.)
" C'est une passion qui coûte cher..."
Et oui, ma bonne dame.

Procès pour refus de vendre une chienne prognathe en tant que reproductrice:coût 1750€ dont j'ai eu 250€ du Tribunal pour participation aux frais. Ca me fait une belle jambe, mais c'est mieux que ce qu'on a d'habitude dans ce monde canin.Vous le savez si vous me "suivez".

Ah oui....! Faut arrêter de penser qu'on gagne du fric. Certains oui. Ils n'exposent jamais les chiens, ne font rien pour leurs aptitudes naturelles. Ceux-là oui, ils ont le bon filon. Le fric, la gloire. L'irresponsabilité de certains sans aucune valeurs. On en connait tous.

Cette chienne Fasila, je l'ai gardée jusqu'à 4 mois ++ date avant laquelle elle ne pouvait pas être opérée. Après, je l'ai vendue moins cher....forcément!
Quand je pense que certains prennent une chienne lui font 3 portées une après l'autre, à partir d'un an et demi d'âge de la pauvre bête, et après la 3ème portée, elle gicle. C'est à dire: opérée et placée en "famille d'accueil"..Suivante!!!!!!

Et nous pauvres particuliers qui avons la passion de la race ancienne et sa survie, on en reçoit tout les jours, plein la tronche.

L'élevage? haha.La blague.

Sélection veut dire aussi des personnes qui vont accueillir les chiens que nous amateurs, élevons avec amour et passion.Certains n'en sont pas on les envoie ailleurs.
On veut juste faire bien et beau et pas à la chaîne ( puppy mills) comme on commence à voir dans le Barbet.Vous allez voir, d'ici peu!

Alors quand on voit ce qu'on voit....purée. C'est pas du beau, ni du propre.

* le bon poulet coûte cher...surtout en Bresse!
Mais, ne vous inquiétez pas, je ne vais nulle part, sauf en Hollande pour suivre mon travail de sélection de la race: Vieux Barbet Français.

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