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H: history
K: for George Orwell and the Old Barbet!
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A: Authentic Barbet or Vieux Barbet Français
B: Barbet Moderne, son histoire depuis 1980
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Barbet heads, eyes and noses?
Barbets and other water dogs...
Barbets en Bresse, France
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Color genetics
Diversité génétique d'une race rare
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F:Facts and fallacies about the Barbet
G: Georgy spiritual father of the Barbet
G: Griffon Barbet
H: Health matters
H: Hipscore Dysplasia
H: history Barbet Moderne
Health reference websites: hips etc
I: Inbreeding
K: Kennel blindness
L: Lexicologie Barbet
L: letter from the President of the SCC as proof-preuve
L:LOF Barbets since the beginning
M: breeders' meeting 2009
P: Poodle History Project
P: Poodle history
P: Purest
P: poodle health registry
P:Pedigree databases updated 5/11
P:Photos to depict the standard
Psychological warfare or breed rape? 0411
R: Rare or nearly extinct breeds
Radio des hanches: ce qu'il faut faire avec la radio officielle 3/11
Rassemblement: Meeting Barbets 2012 French& English
S: Shopping!
S: Study of our pedigrees- Spanish Water Dog
S: study of our pedigrees - Poodles
S: study of our pedigrees- Portuguese water dogs
S:Selection grid/Grille de Sélection
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Old Lines and new crosses

Barbet x Irish Water Spaniel
Barbet/ Irish Water Spaniel
Barbonus: line 4 fawn
Bloodline 1: Le Houelleur (de Floirac)
History, shepherds and Barbets
In French, on Pronatura: 3 bloodlines
Portuguese water dog and pedigree database
Spanish Water Dog line and pedigree database
Wycliffe and the Barbet modern: poodle database
bb x swd


Videos Galore

A pup of Colleen's in Scandinavia
B: Barbets live and in colors!
Caya and the ocean
Disco and Rocket
Eho Santiano in the Netherlands
Flashdance and her mirabelle de Savoie...
From Cressat, France
Le Barbet au CGA 2011
My 3 males together
Plum picker uppers!
Yatzie and my girls!


Working Barbets

Barbet de chasse: Malher
Bibiche di Barbochos de Reiau de Prouvenco
Booly Wooly
Crotté comme un Barbet: Lucrezia Borgia
Détails du BTE/BCE
Le travail à l'eau
My Barbets at work: a sampling
Mère et fils: duck duo!
Poppenspaler's Vincacao
Thelma de la perte aux loups
UK: Hunting training by Fiona Lucas
Un carnet de travail: pour obtenir le BCE



A Barbet Moderne cut: Molly Mae
Before and after: Thelma and Coccolina 2012
Grooming Tools
The Barboch cut with photos: a working cut


Bienvenue sur Barbets en Bresse

The history of the Barbet heritage in pictures
643472 visitors on Dec 7th 2016. Enjoy!

If you are interested in the beginning of the site, here you can go way back to July 2006.This was really the beginning of my "www" work!We had been online for only a few months.A lot of water under the bridge since, eh?! What I have compiled in archives and interviews since 2003 is there to serve the Barbet and its narrow community. No detailed research had ever been done before and for what I have found and discovered, I have always tried to share in transparency.

Today, December 12th 2014, I wanted to share with you that there were almost 426 315 visitors to this site and figures keep increasing daily. The site will go on as it has....with your visits! Thank you for being curious, because one day, we will get to the bottom of the Barbet: chien de chasse history or my name is not Elaine!
Today March 1st there have been over 1 485602 visitors.

November 6th 2015. 500285 visitors. This site has been online for almost 10 years and some of the information is no longer correct, but it is there and I have done my best to update it for those who look for true factual information, not copied off internet as most do, somewhere.... and NO MYTHS especially about those who support Buffon's barbet...which is a generic dog describing a dog with a long coat and a beard/mustache.It turns out to be a Swd.

Today, April 2nd,2016 542575 visitors. I have just updated a color line:4 sand and fawn.

Un article en français, publié en octobre 2013 au sujet de notre belle race en voie de disparition.

[centrer]New homepage for Barbets en Bresse :
Over 100 videos about life with my Barbets, since 2008.

THE only reference site for the Barbet: French Water Dog. Updated regularly with lots of photos, news and many statistics never available in the Barbet world to this date.Another well of information available to all interested.
A tremendous database of artwork, including Febus!

My passion is not only the survival of the breed: Barbet, but sharing with you how great they are...with lots of photos and videos that are most important when showingg HOW they behave!They are so rare, many have never heard the word" barbet" much less see how they act in real life, not just on paper!

All my pups are vaccinated,chipped, registered with the French SCC/LOF; DNA'd since 2007. They are socialized and chosen according to your wishes (male/female;companion;show quality;hunting).


Ce patrimoine canin Français reflète une vie, pour certains et plusieurs vies pour d'autres. Nous avons une obligation morale de suivre ce patrimoine, de le protéger et de le transmettre...Grand Merci à la Société Centrale Canine d'avoir offert leur soutien dans la sauvegarde de notre belle race menacée d'extinction.

This French canine heritage represents a lifetime of work for some and several for others. We have the moral obligation of keeping it alive, protecting it and transmitting it in the best way we can.
Thank you the French Société Centrale Canine for having offered to help us save the breed from extinction.

Il est bon parfois, voyez-vous, de connaître l’histoire des choses et des bêtes, comme celle des hommes….Jean Castaing 1960. Son histoire en français sur le site Barbet French Treasure, sous "History"
With documents that date back to the beginning of the word Barbet and the separation/ selection of the Grand Barbet into the Poodle and the Barbet continued its path as a natural rustic breed.

The Barbet Français, our French National Treasure

Committed to preserving the Authentic Barbet/Vieux Barbet Français and its genetic diversity, to keep it from looking like a poodle, which it is not and has not been since the mid-1800's when the poodle was selected to become what it is today.

Please NOTE: all the information and photos on this site belong to the webmaster and can only be used with the specific written agreement of the webmaster

The first breeder of Barbets in France to have all the pups DNA'd.Le premier élevage de Barbets en France à pratiquer l'identification ADN de toute ses portées.

En Français:

La Boutique du Monde du Chien

Chien .com : Le Monde Francophone du Chien, l'union des éleveurs de chiens de race.

Elaine Fichter, © Barbets en Bresse 2013


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See if it works........It does! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 12/06/2013 @ 18:53
My dear friend Steve Yates, got this site back online. It was sad having it disappear after so many years.

Thank you, Steve.

I think it was the first Barbet website where one could get (real) information and I even need to reread some posts, myself.It's been so long.

Mrs Loiseau, back in those days 2005/2006, said I would regret telling everyone the truth about what went on for 30 years. The Barbet should have probably "just" stayed a French unknown breed because there would have been so many less battles around its world as there are now.

I regret helping a lot of people I helped, in many countries, mostly some Swedes and some Finns, breeders I bent over backwards for, and countries who are doing a lot of harm to the breed, for lack of knowledge ( or just plain nastiness).

Luckily as it always goes, I have made some friends there with whom I am still in touch and will continue to be.

But, live and learn.

On a really positive note, I think with all my files recovered I am with not a doubt, the only person in the entire Barbet world to detain
most of the information on the breed.
If you are looking for something specific, his being an old site, let me know. I have taken a lot offline.

Standards change, breeds remain. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 01/05/2012 @ 08:45

Restricting colors? envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 28/04/2012 @ 19:53

This is a quite uncommon color, sable is becoming more available, but why eradicate fawn or sable with markings? Are we going for poodle colors only? Pie is a barbet color...but it is not "bicolor", but original color that many ooodles can't acces.

Back to founding fathers envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 28/04/2012 @ 17:39

The Vieux Barbet Français people claim ancestry back to R' Lucky, Gandar Dolly.
The Barbet Moderne people claim ancestry back to Lynx and Sérinoire, and their poodles, of course.
After all, that makes it easy, explains alot and is not a subject for discussion!
If Baron Korthals can do it, why can't we?
Sorry if the info is only in French, but the Barbet being a French dog with a history behind it, it's logical and now since many newbies are not interested in what a Barbet is or where it came from, why hassel translating it!

Ring that mama dry! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 28/04/2012 @ 16:16

If we need 8 different populations(lines) with a different sub-population 3 generations back, this should be a good question at the symposium. How many times shall a male be used (up)?

I was told that all males needed to be used....Light eyed Bango and his curly queues. Which is worse?

I thought light eyes were relly really bad, like one could be disconfirmed for having light eyes...shows to go you it only depends who is holding the leash.And >6 litters later? How about using his siblings?
Darn...they're not confirmed.hum.

Ulysse and Manon... envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 27/04/2012 @ 08:40

This will, if all goes well, be a litter for Vieux Barbet Français aficionados!

Ulysse is, of course confirmed in France.
Bravo Ezia, Manon, Elisabeth, Urs...and Ulysse!

Love to love you, Ulysse envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 27/04/2012 @ 08:26

Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco,9 months old. The purest Barbet alive today( along with his 3 siblings), living in Switzerland where he was refused his confirmation because he represented the VIEUX BARBET FRANCAIS type, morphology and curl.*

Is there anything else you judge a dog on? Darn, I forgot...the owner and the breeder, of course. And almost 9 years later, what is happening?
It will be said that the owner didn't want to get him, nor his litter confirmed because they were not interested in furthering the breed.


* and now look what is going on with Mrs overall.He didn't fit the criteria?
When zuchtziels meet.

Only official pedigrees??????????? envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 26/04/2012 @ 20:16

I am the only one to have the proof about Medor and Timballe.Have I, da un tratto, become an official source of information?
Because If that is the case, there's more where that came from...on crossbreedings, of course.No secret really, I have already told all of you.

Considering that the Grand Barbet ist ein Pudel... envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 26/04/2012 @ 19:14
Our dear Georgy must be laughing his rear off where he is. After years and years of him and Mrs Pêtre battling to save the VIEUX BARBET FRANCAIS, meaning the no-poodle-added version, things are evolving in the land next to France.

Very interesting site evolution by a breeder since 1995,first in at least promoting the Modern Barbet, meaning a shaved down version of a curly dog.
Because we were soooooo attacked, verbally and writtenly , we had to change Old Bloodlines to Authentic Barbet to Barbet Français( which I liked the least because it is a run-on word, or vice versa with everyone jumping on the bandwagon of names ( which finally means nothing because Barbet is a generic word that designates a rough coated dog, regardless of size and Barbet is ONLY a French word!) and finally 2 wochen ago, I was able to prove that the VIEUX BARBET FRANCAIS was a name that was given to the Barbet one hundred years ago,by an eminent French cynologue, I am happy to see that Barbet Modern person recognizes it as true.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Facebook post is dated as reference!
=> Barbet France, Megnin, Father and Son.
Will add it to Barbet French Treasure website, since not everyone is on FB.

In the meantime, enjoy this:

When you cross the mirror and look at it from the other side, sometimes the truth is not where you were expecting it to be.In countries who have a history of breeds and have developped breeds such as Germany and the Pudel or Budel (for which France done stole the standard), you would do well to do research in other countries. Well, that's done. Now how many people knew about this and hid it, is my question?

Booly Wooly: 6 years old. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 19/04/2012 @ 19:11

Coincidentally, Booly Wooly's birthday and the publication of the Barbet club of America's bulletin where he features as an example of a working Barbet. What better day to do this!

Happy birthday to his brothers and Sister Bijou in Germany,France, Sweden and Finland!

All poofed out and no show to go envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 16/04/2012 @ 15:01

Booly Wooly and Compay who will do anything to make me happy, accepted the horrible tsk of being groomed just for a photo for the Symposium!
No, rest assured, they would never participate in a show in France all poofed out. J C Hermans said a dog should not be touched a week before the show and certainly never be shown poofed out like a Bichon...for a rustic dog?

Anything can go wrong and sometimes it does, very wrong! envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 15/04/2012 @ 08:05
A wonderful chain was set up to help the pups survive, through Facebook, which I egnerally qualify as useless. Prouved me wrong and I am the first to appreciate it.

This sort of chain of help would be of use in all countries.
Dixie Chick de la serve de la Chapelle d'Alexandre fed 3 Griffon Korthals pups the mother had more or less abandonned and she had never even had pups before!The maternal instinct took over.And voilà!
Hoepfully, one day she will be allowed to have her own pups.

A learning curb, about the Barbet. envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 12/04/2012 @ 20:28
"People protect what they love and we can not protect what we do not understand. It is our duty to protect what little remains of our beautiful breed ... the French Barbet. "

Our pride is to save the breed for the future, not just for tomorrow.

L'histoire du Barbet Moderne envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 09/04/2012 @ 14:43
Tout comme l’histoire du Barbet de Buffon a déjà été rédigée avec tous les détails historiques et intégrée à celle du Caniche, sélectionné pour devenir un chien sophistiqué, celle du Barbet, chien d’arrêt du 7ème groupe(qui a été migrée vers le 8ème) à commencé en tant que chien rustique, ramassé, pas sophistiqué, au poil long laineux et méché.

Ce Barbet a contribué à la création cette fois, du Griffon Boulet et du Griffon Korthals, aussi du Briard et du Beauceron, tous des chiens français.
On pourrait se demander pour quelle raison l’histoire du Barbet moderne n’ait jamais été écrite et finalement, hormis les 2 ATI Lynx et Sérienoire, elle n’est que la suite de l’histoire du caniche. Je vous explique.

En prenant Ulken du Haut Pacquis, papa de Bruss( qui figure dans nos pedigres) :
Vous avez les couleurs des chiens et vous pouvez tout aussi bien continuer la lignée. Vous retrouvez les affixes connus dans le monde du Caniche : Wycliffe, Blakeen, Whippendell et nous sommes déjà en 1913!
En prenant le papa de Baron de l’Ame du Prince des Hortillons, aussi dans beaucoup de nos pedigrees, vom Phantasialand Black Charlie :
On retrouve cette fois-ci les Apiele, Wycliffe T, Dassin, Gervais et les couleurs.

Avec les T de Wycliffe, ça donne:
Dans ce lien, on parle du problème qui existe dans certains Barbets à ce jour. Celui de trainer les pieds arrières…phénomène que j’ai remarqué et surtout entendu en exposition canine.( ça fait un bruit de savatte qui traine !)Comme quoi, bien des choses, se reproduisent 50 ans plus tard, ou plus. D’où l’importance de regarder les vrais pedigrees aussi loin que possible. Je l’ai entendu, ce bruit, en Nationale d’Elevage il y a 3 ans…je ne l’avais jamais entendu auparavant.

Tommy got size and color, and he got his beautiful conformation from his mother, Jacqueline. He was a very good mover, but he sometimes produced dogs that shuffled their back feet, they didn't pick their feet up and you could hear them when they moved around the ring."
Annsown Gay Knight of Arnhill :
Ce chien est dcd assez jeune.

Vous pouvez prendre une chienne à mon nom Elaine et voilà, nous sommes en 1955
Et hop, nous arrivons en 1904 avec plus de 100 d’histoire en quelques clicks.
Beaucoup de caniches sont issus de l’Allemagne et de la Grande Bretagne car la guerre a fait des dégâts chez tout le monde et pas seulement sur le Barbet, en France.

On se renseigne sur le coefficient de consanguinité, désolée c’est in English, mais les chiffres sont les mêmes
On peut se renseigner sur l’histoire des Wycliffe caniches:
Aussi sur la diversité génétique dans le caniche:
Les taux de consanguinité :

Comme Jean Lyle a procédé dans son élevage très réputé:

Le travail fantastique d’amour et de dévotion pour une race.
Merci Docteur Armstrong.

La suite :
En ce qui concerne le Barbet, autorisation de retrempe avait été donnée pour 2 chiennes d’une race "bien fixée":
Au fil de l’eau du closeau des cœurs fidèles (Bulletin du club du Barbet no.26 de 4/87)
Ulyssia des Marécages du Prince (issue de ATI)

La SCC aurait accordé l’utilisation de 3 grands caniches noirs. Mme Brestecher ayant refusé d’accorder l’utilisation de chiens du Club du Caniche. Nous sommes entre 1988 et 1990.

Bâron de l’Ame du prince des Hortillons
Thelex de la Chambonnerie
Bruss du Haut Pacquis

Voilà, l’histoire du Barbet Moderne. La première vraie retrempe a eu lieu en 2000.
Pour info, entre 1970 et 1980, 60 Barbets sont nés et inscrits au LOF. Aucun n’a servi. En 1986, avec la modification du standard du Barbet, selon M Séguela avec Mme Pêtre, qui défendaient la race ancestrale, 70% des Barbets LOF ne correspondaient plus au standard.
M Hermans avait annoncé en 1988 dans le bulletin du Club du Barbet no.29 que la race Barbet était éteinte, malgré son bulletin du club no. 1 en 1980 où Mme Pêtre était la seule éleveuse de Barbet en France.

Un peu comme en 2005, où la hauteur maximale a été définie à 65 +/- 1 cm, après la Nationale d’Elevage Française et Suisse, où il a été fait une moyenne des 2, sans consulter qui que ce soit. Alors comme les plus petits avaient déjà été exclus…qui allait en expo pour se prendre un râteau ? Pas grand monde.

Un petit air de déjà vu ? Voilà la raison pour laquelle il était urgent de faire participer la France, les français surtout et les Barbetiers de toutes parts, à la modification d’un standard qui appartient à notre patrimoine canin français, car sinon cette fois-ci contrairement aux rumeurs, elle disparaîtra bel et bien et cette fois-ci pour de bon. Et le caniche est déjà une race française qui se porte bien!

Cet historique ne pourra donner lieu à aucune polémique, puisque tiré de liens sur le net et de la database du Barbet qui a enregistré uniquement les pedigrees officiels à travers le monde et est basé en Suisse.
Lorsque j'ai commencé ces recherches de pedigrees, les liens, n'étaient pas aussi faciles. Maintenant,c'est assez rapide! Comme quoi.

Un caniche de l’affixe de la Chambonnerie

Vieux Barbet Français : Joyeuse du Mas de la Chapelle

Barbets en Bresse, 2012.

In and out of the shade: browns envoyé par Elaine Fichter le 09/04/2012 @ 09:40

2 Barbets, the one in the front more Poodley

A "normal" brown Poodle. We have inherited not only the color in some dogs, but the texture in many. Bye-bye strands, hello "big bush".( au revoir les mèches et bonjour le crépu!)

According to JCH, re-incarnator of the Barbet Moderne, the color brown arboured by a Barbet should be that of a Poodle.
Club du Barbet bulletin no.5 1982.
A coat with nuances in the "café au lait" is acceptable.As we now know, the multi shaded nuances in the Barbet coat come from the Portuguese Water dog and mixed in with a Poodle shade, you get what you often see in photos.Melted ice-cream.

Keep in mind that ALL Barbets have some PWD blood.
Many( most, but not all) have Poodle blood.
Some have Spanish Water Dog blood
Some have Irish Water Spaniel blood.
We all know this, as crossing is important for a breed, especially a rare one, to not degenerate. Well, like it or not a drop here and a drop there shows up, beacuse you can't select the genes you don't want, or can you?

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