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A,B,C: Vieux Barbet Français

H: history
K: for George Orwell and the Old Barbet!
M: measure
S: standard
A: Authentic Barbet or Vieux Barbet Français
B: Barbet Moderne, son histoire depuis 1980
B: Breeding, studs and the likes!
B: blogs to keep up with
B:Bibliography and links
Barbet heads, eyes and noses?
Barbets and other water dogs...
Barbets en Bresse, France
Breeding rules: FCI
C: conversion table
C:Crossbreeding R Triquet
Color genetics
Diversité génétique d'une race rare
E: Education
F: FAULTS according to the standard
F:Facts and fallacies about the Barbet
G: Georgy spiritual father of the Barbet
G: Griffon Barbet
H: Health matters
H: Hipscore Dysplasia
H: history Barbet Moderne
Health reference websites: hips etc
I: Inbreeding
K: Kennel blindness
L: Lexicologie Barbet
L: letter from the President of the SCC as proof-preuve
L:LOF Barbets since the beginning
M: breeders' meeting 2009
P: Poodle History Project
P: Poodle history
P: Purest
P: poodle health registry
P:Pedigree databases updated 5/11
P:Photos to depict the standard
Psychological warfare or breed rape? 0411
R: Rare or nearly extinct breeds
Radio des hanches: ce qu'il faut faire avec la radio officielle 3/11
Rassemblement: Meeting Barbets 2012 French& English
S: Shopping!
S: Study of our pedigrees- Spanish Water Dog
S: study of our pedigrees - Poodles
S: study of our pedigrees- Portuguese water dogs
S:Selection grid/Grille de Sélection
old club site


Old Lines and new crosses

Barbet x Irish Water Spaniel
Barbet/ Irish Water Spaniel
Barbonus: line 4 fawn
Bloodline 1: Le Houelleur (de Floirac)
History, shepherds and Barbets
In French, on Pronatura: 3 bloodlines
Portuguese water dog and pedigree database
Spanish Water Dog line and pedigree database
Wycliffe and the Barbet modern: poodle database
bb x swd


Videos Galore

A pup of Colleen's in Scandinavia
B: Barbets live and in colors!
Caya and the ocean
Disco and Rocket
Eho Santiano in the Netherlands
Flashdance and her mirabelle de Savoie...
From Cressat, France
Le Barbet au CGA 2011
My 3 males together
Plum picker uppers!
Yatzie and my girls!


Working Barbets

Barbet de chasse: Malher
Bibiche di Barbochos de Reiau de Prouvenco
Booly Wooly
Crotté comme un Barbet: Lucrezia Borgia
Détails du BTE/BCE
Le travail à l'eau
My Barbets at work: a sampling
Mère et fils: duck duo!
Poppenspaler's Vincacao
Thelma de la perte aux loups
UK: Hunting training by Fiona Lucas
Un carnet de travail: pour obtenir le BCE



A Barbet Moderne cut: Molly Mae
Before and after: Thelma and Coccolina 2012
Grooming Tools
The Barboch cut with photos: a working cut


The Barboch cut with photos: a working cut

The standard cites:
The French Water Dog may be groomed in a specific manner to accomodate its work and maintenance

The precise definition has never been given. Jean Claude Hermans attributed and had validated by SCC/FCI, a " Diminutive Poodle" cut taken from historical documents referring to Buffon in 1750 at the time when royalty hunted with miniature poodle type dogs. The Barbet as we know it from the 1891 standard didn't exist then. That cut was never a Barbet "standard" trim, since the writing of said standard in 1891.

There are Barbets with difficult coats to manage,
granted. Those are usually kept short all over their body end even have short coat on the ears, regardless of whether they work or not.They arbour a Portuguese Water Dog cut as the one below.

It is a shame to make a Barbet look like another breed, when the Barbet does have an identity. I would refer you to the websites of 2 friends who work with their dogs. The trims below are not "standard" cuts but they do the job and don't make the Barbet look like a poodle in the 1850's.

The coat over the eyes is trimmed so the can see, and not just scent their way around.

Bibiche di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco

CH-I Poppenspaler's Vincacao BCE 1st category

Carlotta Corday

If you want to do it yourself, use a shorter blade on the body and 2mm longer on the legs:

And, Nenu in the UK, daughter of Borée di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco:

Can you visualize the Mahler Barbet in a Jean Claude Hermans "poodle working cut"?
Nor, last but not least is the Barbet and overgroomed poofed out Grand Bichon who stands on a table to be shown...He is a rustic, country dog.

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Studs/ Etalons

Caya de la serve de la Chapelle d'Alexandre
How to evaluate good studs?


Morphology, coat types and colors

Couleurs de robe de chien
The graying factor
Un Barbet rond au poil frisé et très serré? non.


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