Barbets en Bresse

Barbet heads, eyes and noses? (inconnue)

Find which head is not one of a Barbet:

[centrer][img]photos/Caravaggio testa Feb06.JPG[/img][img]photos/Bijou_smiling.jpg[/img][/centrer]

[centrer]The nose is short. That automatically means that when it hunts, it moves slower. That is a fact. A poodle nose which is longer, means the dog moves faster...[/centrer]


[centrer][img]photos/baxterhead.jpg[/img][img]photos/ops tete.jpg[/img]

You got it? It is the last one..;it is a Briard. The Barbet also contributed in the making of the Briard.

You will have also noticed that all of the dogs have hair over their eyes. Not only is it required by the standard, there is another reason for it.
When some think that they need to see better and cut their hair, well, no, they don't.
They can see...believe me. Mine don't ever miss a duck flying overhead.
Their eyes are covered to protect them from the sun rays, the brightness of the snow (even [i]we[/i]wear sunglasses!!). That hurts them a lot. If God put hair over their eyes, there's a reason for it.

If you really want to see your dog's eyes, then use a scissor that crimp it( like scissors with notches).
That way [b]they[/b] are protected and you can see their beautiful eyes.