Barbets en Bresse

Barbets and other water dogs... (inconnue)


From left to right: a Irish...[u]a Barbet[/u]...another SWD ....another Irish. The difference is obvious. If the difference isn't obvious then, Houston there's a problem in selection...

There is no long as you read the standards. There is not 1 standard for [b]all[/b] of the European water dogs, but [b]5 different [/b] standards:

SWD: Spanish water dog
PWD : Portuguese water dog
IWS: Irish water spaniel
Lagotto: Italian "water" dog
That means that they [u]mustn't [/u]look alike. Nor be groomed the same way....if they are? There's a problem.

This is France and we're talking Barbet, not any other international refabricated breed and certainly not a ........French Poodle looking dog.

This photo dates back again to the Poppenspalers' days when a water dog looked like a water dog according to the country it came from.

Nowadays, many (more and more)breedres are claiming Poppenspaler's descendance whereas the dogs look like? hard to tell, especially when the grooming makes them all lookalike.

A Barbet français [b]mustn't[/b] look like any of them. If it does...then [:6:] Houston..there's a problem.

Good thing Georgy doesn't have internet. And Mrs Pêtre either. [:5:]