Barbets en Bresse

M: measure (inconnue)

Not just measure, but weigh your barbet!

As M Hermans said (Club Bulletin: 26 4/87)It is vital to measure all the dogs. The morphology is what counts, not the curls.
[centrer]Interesting to compare Von der Leibrücke Ashley and Ermengarda/ Coccolina. They are slightly different strains;
Have a look.Coccolina has had 3 litters and Ashley 1.
[/url]Ashley on the left. About 3 cms of coat. Coccolina, 15 cms. After a litter you "fill out", so Ashley would need to be re-measured.

Hourie de Floirac (LOF7 Bar1)

Below, the Chien de Crau being measured to establish a standard.It's vital for the breed.