Barbets en Bresse

R: Rare or nearly extinct breeds (inconnue)

[centrer]Toutes les races de chiens dans les pays occupés pendant les guerres, ont souffertes:
Je voudrais constituer une liste des chiens qui ont failli disparaître pendant les guerres ( 1914-1918 et 1939-1944)et rendre hommage à ceux qui ont participé à leur survie.
Vous êtes nombreux à m'avoir envoyé des infos et je vous en remercie.

Voici une liste de chiens qui ont réussi à survivre grâce au travail d'éleveurs passionnés; continuez de m'envoyer ces infos. C'est important pour le Barbet. ET [b]sa[/b] survie. Nous essayons de faire vivre le Barbet tel qu'il était avant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, et non pas recréer un chien qui était un prototype pour le Caniche, il y a 300 ans. Il faut bien le comprendre. Merci!

Pour faire revivre les races que l’on pensait éteintes, ou sur le point de l’être, soient ressuscitées par des personnes qui œuvrent pour leur survie. Cela implique toujours l’introduction d’autres races sélectionnées dans un programme soigneusement planifié et cela peut prendre des générations avant que les éleveurs aient l’impression d’avoir atteint leur objectif.
Dans certains cas, ces efforts à long terme se sont révélés payants, dans d’autres moins.

I'm looking for "a list" of all the breeds that would have just about gone extinct after WWI and WWII.
I think it is important to pay a tribute to those who worked on their survival.
Please continue sending the info. Below is a list of a few breeds:
What they have done is also important for us. people need to be aware of the fact that by working together, as opposed to working to destroy a breed, is important.
We are trying to maintain alive a breed that existed before WWII, with a standard, not to recreate a dog that looked like a poodle prototype, 300 years ago. One needs to understand that well.Thank you!

Perhaps the people below didn't always agree with each other, but their dogs are homogenous and represent their breeds well.

- Little Lion Dog (Petit Chien Lion):

- Bearded Collie ( Collie Barbu)...

- L'American Bulldog:[url][/url]

- Le Mastiff:[url][/url]

- le Nizziny:[url][/url]

- le Kuvasz:[url][/url]

- le Lagotto Romagnolo:[url][/url]

- le levrier hongrois: [url]évrier_hongrois[/url]

- le Shiba Inu:[url][/url]

- le Bouvier des Flandres: [url][/url]

- le chien d'Artois: [url][/url]

- le terrier japonais: [url][/url]

- le berger Picard: [url][/url]

- le dogue de bordeaux: [url][/url]

-le berger de tatras: [url],chien,berger-des-tatras,302,1.htm[/url]

le hovawart: [url][/url]

le braque de l'Ariège: [url][/url]

le leonberg: [url][/url]

- le Kooikerhondje: [url][/url]

- l'epagneul de Pont-Audemer: [url][/url]

- l'epagneul de Saint-Usuge: [url][/url]

- Cane Corso [url][/url]

- Bolognese [url][/url]

-Pastore polacco di Vallée


- Bracco Italiano

-cane da ferma Boemo a pelo ruvido:

Et le dernier pour l'instant, mais pas le moindre!
-Bracco del Bourbonnais


If you happen to know of a breed in that situation, could you kindly let me know.
Every time I read about a breed, they say the same thing. I just have never really paid attention to how they worked hard to save their breed. I should have. The breed clubs talk about how they worked to reconstruct the breed, not what was put into the reconstruction.
We all know you need a bit of this and a bit of that. That's called selecting and not confirming everything as "the" breed.

It takes love for a breed and a tremendous respect for it and its standard, a little cooperation and it will survive.

Look at the lagotto site. Look around it. It was remade with several crossings like the others; but no anyone says it's a mix of several breeds, like it says for the Barbet in the SCC site. Pretty scandalous and a lack of respect for the work accomplished by many breeders.

You don't see many breed clubs announcing "off the cuff" that they have rebuilt a breed from scratch using another breed or 2 or 3, like a bouillabaisse.
Most say they had a couple of dogs that corresponded to the standard and went from there.
Read what it says and judge for yourself. But don't just sit there.

What is amazing with the Barbet is how many are working to destroy what is left.

I think that what is harder than anything else, if fighting the people who don't want the breed to survive.[/centrer]