Barbets en Bresse

P: Purest (inconnue)

[centrer]The purest Barbets in existence today are the "U" litter, Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco:
Ulysse, in Switzerland
Ursus, now in Finland
Ulyssia and Urgèle II ( the original Urgèle never having reproduced)both in Sweden.
Uriel: who never reproduced.

This information is firsthand and according to Mrs Inge Fischer, M Rainier T Georgii's companion as they both continued the Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco breeding when Mrs H. Pêtre retired.

Notice how similar the U's are; the U's and many of their descendats who are continuing that line: Line 2 the Barbet de Camargue/ de Crau. Homogeneity that comes in several lines and from several breeders around the Barbet world.


This is the Henry Baxter photo of a Barbet in the 80's, written for a revue in the UK.





Urgèle II and Ulyssia, in Sweden